On connectivity

The book offers readers some insight into the world of a2o-­architecten. It  explains why a2o’s designs and building are connective. It connects the ‘now’ with the past and the future, with the importance of context and the autonomy of architecture. It connects engagement, craftsmanship and imagination in a contemporary way. The work is situated in Belgium and the  Meuse-­Rhine Euroregion.

a2o’s architecture occupies an area of tension between two realities,  which also play a central role in this book: The main story, the leitmotiv, about its philosophy and  the creative process. And the particular, the tangible, about contemporary themes and architecture. The two storylines are interwoven throughout the book, allowing text and images to make their own connections. This is a book about connectivity, about how a2o’s philosophy wants to be embedded in today’s socio-spaces, let us dream about the perfect place to live or to work.