De Kruitfabriek

a2o is given the opportunity to write a new chapter in the development and reconversion of the former brownfield in the canal zone in Vilvoorde.


The actual temporary function of the Kruitfabriek will be extended to the redeveloped of the site.

The radical choice to preserve and use the building as a material bank are at the heart of this project.


The former powder factory is one of the anchor points in the development along the Vilvoorde canal zone. Between the Zenne and the Albert Canal, the rigid historical concrete structure is used as the basis for a new interpretation. The residential function is folded like a shell around a core of workplaces. As a result, the studios are oriented towards the productive inner street or the desirable northern sun, while the residential function benefits from an optimal relationship with the park and the water. Additions are made as a light structure that forms terraces and communal areas.

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